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Mission accomplished

For once, everything went according to plan. I got a 4.5 for the exam and a 5.5 for the thesis. A 5.5 is the best grade there is. Some people don't believe it even exists, the rest think of it as more of an award than a grade. It's that good.

I'm reminded of an online conversation with Catharine a couple of years ago, which went something like this:
Catharine: An NPC in the game I'm playing says: Numbers are essential. They are the secret behind the scenes. If you are a master of mathematics you are a master over life and death.
Me: Mwahaha! Now do you understand?

As of 2.30 p.m. today, I have a Master's degree. Actually, the full title seems to be Master Engineer of Mathematics. Which kind of makes me wonder what exactly it is an engineer of Mathematics does. It sounds vaguely science-fiction-y to me.
Tags: maths, school, science!

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